New Voice/Audio Processor Offers Applications in IoT, Mobile, Wearables

New Voice/Audio Processor Offers Applications in IoT, Mobile, WearablesWireless chipset solutions provider DSP Group has announced a new voice and audio processor called DBMD4.

It’s designed to offer ultra-low-power, always-on voice command for a range of potential applications, and is based on Google Hotword and Sensory TrulyHandsFree technology. The system features noise suppression and echo cancellation capabilities, and “built-in handshaking with Sensory’s TruleHandsfree,” as Sensory CEO Todd Mozer put it; this last quality should allow for sophisticated speech recognition, which could be highly valuable in applications in the Internet of Things.

Moreover, the system offers support for both analog and digital microphones, and features built-in Android drivers for Lollipop 5.x, which could help to usher the platform into the mobile and wearables markets.

In a statement announcing the platform, DSP Group CEO Ofer Elyakim explained, “We foresee a bigger role for voice and audio in consumer devices for smart processing and sensing – including mobile, wearables and IoT,” adding that “DBMD4 is uniquely positioned to play an instrumental role in this evolution,” given its always-on, low-power approach. Indeed, various experts expect much the same with respect to voice command in devices, and if those expectations are realized the DBMD4 could prove an appealing platform for various OEMs in these markets.