News Roundup: Alliances Aim at IoT

This week at Mobile ID World the news showcased the wide range of mobile security solutions offered by biometric technology, stories concerning financial and healthcare markets, and some positive predictions in regards to smartwatch and flagship phone sales numbers. We also reported on two security-minded alliances aiming to lock down the looming threat of security flaws in the Internet of Things.

Here’s a look at this week’s top mobile identity management news items:

Smartphone Authentication

ZTE LeakThis week the multimodal versatility of smartphone security was prominently showcased by the headlines. IdentityX won NACUSO’s Big Idea Competition with its future-proof authentication platform, we reported on the new voice unlock feature from Android and CES on the Hill had us talking about ear-shape biometrics. Meanwhile, newly leaked images of ZTE’s upcoming phone had us wondering if that silver ring under its camera is a fingerprint sensor. All of that, plus a new mobile device management app for enterprise BYOD, makes up this week’s mobile device security news.

Colorful Images Leak of New ZTE Smartphone

AppHawk Offers Enterprise-Level Security for Employees’ Mobile Devices

Android Lollipop Introduces Voice Unlock for Smartphones

CES on the Hill to Look at Fitness Bands, Ears

IdentityX Wins NACUSO’s Big Idea Competition

Security For IoT

Internet of Things, Smart Tech, Connectivity, Mobile EcosystemThe topic we keep coming back to week after week in 2015 is the need for security in the burgeoning Internet of Things. With wearable tech on the verge of a potential mainstream explosion, giving consumers options when interfacing with IoT, it is heartening to see industry organizations focused on keeping the M2M network safe. This week, HYPR joined the FIDO Alliance with ambitions in IoT security, while the AllSeen Alliance bolstered its own ranks with ten new members.

Ten New Members Join AllSeen IoT Alliance

HYPR Excited to Join FIDO Alliance

Commerce, Healthcare, Wellness

Mobile CommerceThis week Enacomm partnered with VoiceVault in anticipation of this year’s PAYMENTS conference where both companies will participate in the panel: “Voice Biometrics in Payments: When, Where, How?” Speaking of payments, we also reported on American Express’ interest in facial recognition technology.

Turning to matters of health, this week marked HIMSS 2015, where Avnet – a BIO-key partner – brought its many partners onto the exhibition floor. Meanwhile, wearable tech biometrics company Valencell announced that its director of Exercise Science and Clinical Trials has joined the Consumer Electronics Association has created a new Health and Fitness Technology Subcommittee.

Enacomm Partners with VoiceVault Ahead of PAYMENTS 2015

American Express Explores Facial Recognition Tech

Valencell Exec Joins CEA’s Health and Fitness Subcommittee

Avnet to Fill HIMSS Booth with Partners

Numbers, Awards, Operations

The apple Watch is available in thee models (pictured left to right): Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition.

The apple Watch is available in thee models (pictured left to right): Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition.

Precise Biometrics made the news twice this week, first because of recognition from Frost & Sullivan, and then a second time because its CFO is leaving the company for family related reasons.

Finally, projected mainstream tech sales numbers rounded out the week’s news with massive Apple Watch pre-order stats and anticipated positive figures for new Samsung smartphone sales.

Precise Biometrics Announces CFO’s Departure

Precise Biometrics Receives Frost & Sullivan Award for Software

Probably a Million Americans Preordered the Apple Watch

Samsung Expects Big Sales Numbers for New Smartphones


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