News Roundup: A Fleeting Glimpse of Android Pay

Last week at Mobile ID World the top news stories were in mobile commerce, smartphone integrations and various vertical markets. We welcomed in September by kicking off Strong Authentication Month with a profile on the FIDO Alliance, and prepared for this week’s upcoming Apple announcement.

Here’s a look back on last week’s biggest mobile ID headlines:


cash moneyAndroid Pay is being teased at users who have the latest update for Google Play – an option is showing up on user’s handsets briefly implying that the mobile wallet is not far off for eager non-Apple lovers. Apple Pay, meanwhile, continued to find acceptance in the UK with more banks slowly coming around the the mCommerce option and the service’s transaction limit being increased.

British Banks Slowly Accepting Apple Pay

Apple Pay Sees Limit Increase in UK

New Android Pay Option Ghosts Google Play Users

Online Bank Introduces Eyeprint ID Login for App Users

Strong Online Authentication

Biometric Authentication BannersSeptember is Strong Authentication Month at Mobile ID World and as such we published a profile on the FIDO Alliance, an organization that is helping to transform the world’s cyber security paradigm. In the industry news section we saw FIDO Ready authentication spread to more users with Lenovo’s new Ideapads able to support Windows Hello facial recognition.

Strong Online Authentication Month: A FIDO Profile

Biometric Capabilities Stand Out Among New Ideapads


Last week had its share of smartphone news, with Fingerprint Cards (FPC) and Precise Biometrics continuing their successful launch streak, announcing their biometric technologies on multiple handsets. Huawei got the jump on Apple last week too, announcing force touch technology on its upcoming Mate S smartphone which launches a week from today. ZTE made news last week too, announcing the international launch of its Axon Elite flagship device, which features a fingerprint sensor and eye-vein scanning security.

Huawei Mate S Integration Boosts FPC Profile

Repeat Customer Integrates Precise Biometrics Tech

New ZTE Smartphone Goes Multimodal with Biometrics

Huawei Steals Apple’s Thunder With Force Touch Tech

Precise Biometrics Mobile Software Expands Reach in Global Market

‘Cloud-First’ Smartphone Uses FPC Sensor


Samsung Gear S2In wearable tech last week Google gained a serious advantage with the announcement that Android Wear is now compatible with iPhones, allowing users to use other non-Apple smartwatches by tethering them to iHandsets. Speaking of non-Apple wearables, Samsung made good on its tease earlier this summer and officially announced its upcoming Gear S2 smartwatch.

Android Wear Now Compatible with iPhone

Samsung Formally Announces Gear S2

Looking Vertical

Law-printsOutside of the consumer markets we saw mobile biometrics being embraced by the Baltimore police force, speech and voice recognition implemented by Manulife for its call centers, and telecoms in India requesting the ability to register phone users with their Aadhaar biometric data.

Here’s how mobile ID went beyond the consumer last week:

India’s Telecoms Push For Aadhaar-based Registration

Manulife and Nuance Introduce Voice Response System to Canada

Baltimore Police Seek Help of VAMPIRE


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