News Roundup: Biometrics and Finance at Money20/20

Last week marked the annual Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas – the biggest and boldest FinTech event in the world. We were there, along with our sister site FindBiometrics, while the news was filled with other commerce happenings, big fiscal reports and a great deal of mobile biometrics integrations.

Here is a look back on the top stories of the week that was in mobile identity management.


money2020 2015 featureFindBiometrics, our global identity management focused sister site, brought biometrics to Money20/20 once again with a well attended panel featuring big name experts in finance and authentication. Biometrics were everywhere in Las Vegas, with two big announcements from VoiceVault, innovations in ATM technology and some big splashes from financial services giants MasterCard and Visa.

Here’s how Mobile ID World covered Money20/20. For more on this dynamic event, visit FindBiometrics.

Biometrics Boom at Money20/20

Money20/20: VoiceVault’s vIM Automates Password Reset Requests

Money20/20: Visa Integrates Tokenization Into Online Checkout System

Money20/20: PayPal Ecosystem Expands with $1B in Small Business Loans

Money20/20: VoiceVault, Enacomm Herald Voice e-Signature

New Diebold ATM Concepts Adapt to Mobile, Biometric Authentication

Android Pay Has Millions of Users: Google

Quarterly Success

Finger dollar 2Synaptics announced its Q1 2016 fiscal report last week, and the company’s success illustrates the fruitfulness of the mobile biometrics and interface market. MasterCard’s Q3 2015 results were released last week too, and while the company’s continued success should come as no surprise, an interesting aspect of the report has to do with the increased role biometrics and digital payments is playing in the company’s overall model. Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has not yet released their official numbers for this year’s Q3, but it has produced glowing preliminary results, which are further endorsed by the company’s recent increase in share capital.

Synaptics Q1 2016 Earnings Reflect Mobile Market Demand

MasterCard Sees Digital, Biometric Payoffs in Q3 Earnings

FPC Increases Share Capital



Speaking of FPC, the company announced last week that Huawei has continued to integrate its sensors into its phones with the launch of the new Honor 5X which also sports Precise Biometrics’ software. Precise Biometrics’ CEO is featured in our interviews section this week too, and the fingerprint modality headlines otherwise include newly announced plans from iWallet and Nok Nok Labs’ upgraded S3 Authentication Suite.

INTERVIEW: Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson

Precise BioMatch Mobile Powers Honor 5X Biometrics

Huawei Honor 5X Features FPC Sensor

iWallet Seeks IP Extension as it Pursues Licensing Strategy

Nok Nok Labs Launches Upgraded S3 Authentication Suite


emvCommerce is always a hot topic in mobile identity, and outside of Money20/20 last week we still saw it making headlines. PayPal suffered a service blip on Friday, Samsung lauded its mobile wallet’s success in South Korea and the USA, and we received offical word on the launch of Apple Pay in Canada and Australia.

Amex Says Apple Pay Support Coming to Canada, Australia This Year

Samsung Proclaims Success of Samsung Pay in US

100,000 Samsung Pay Transactions Every Day in South Korea

Brief Service Disruption Unlikely to Drain PayPal’s Energy

Eyes, Face, Behavior

facial recognitionConcerning the other modalities, we saw the launch of FST Biometrics’ IMID Access v. 3.0.7 last week, which combines mobility, facial recognition and behavioral biometrics into a physical access solution. We also received news that the Canadian province of Saskatchewan will be using facial recognition for its drivers license program. Additionally, we reported on two biometric phones that go beyond fingerprint ID: UMI’s newest handset sports EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID and Fujitsu’s latest phone once again features Delta ID’s iris recognition.

Delta ID Iris Scanning Returns in New Fujtisu-NTT DOCOMO Smartphone

Saskatchewan Driver Licensing To Use Facial Recognition

FST Biometrics Launches IMID Access v. 3.0.7

UMI Smartphone Features Fingerprint, Eye-Based Biometrics


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