News Roundup: Live From Mobile World Congress 2016

Last week we were bringing you mobile identity news straight from Mobile World Congress 2016, where Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill was on the ground floor, sleuthing out the big biometric news from the mobile industry’s premier event. Outside of Barcelona, we saw more smartphone fingerprint sensor integrations, interesting smart card news, mobile wallet headlines, and more.

Here’s a look back on what has been the biggest week in mobile ID of 2016 so far:

FinTech at Mobile World Congress 2016

News Roundup: Live From Mobile World Congress 2016One of the key indications of how integral biometric technology is becoming in the mobile space is how prominently MasterCard and Visa have been positioning it in their MWC showings. On day one of the conference, Peter O’Neill caught a demonstration of Visa using iris biometrics and later attended a presentation of how the global payments network intends to innovate in the biometric commerce space thanks in large part to its new partnership with Morpho (Safran). MasterCard, meanwhile, gave O’Neill a personal demonstration of its biometric payment verification technology which will be launching this summer.

Not to be left out of all the mCommerce fun, PayPal announced at MWC that it will be supporting NFC technology, bringing it into stronger competition with its mPayment rivals. The payment service was notably the first to support biometric authorized payments on a smartphone two years ago at MWC 2014. Take a look at how far we’ve come since then:

Mobile World Congress in Photos: Day 1

MWC 2016: Visa Isn’t Picking Favorites When it Comes to Biometrics

Visa Checkout Coming to India, European Markets This Year

Morpho and Visa Team to Deliver Innovation in Payments

MWC 2016: Taking MasterCard Identity Check For a Test Drive

MasterCard to Launch Selfie Based Authentication This Summer

PayPal to Strengthen mPayments Presence With NFC Support


News Roundup: Live From Mobile World Congress 2016As usual, Mobile World Congress kicked off with the launch of new flagship handsets from Samsung, this year’s being the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Each still offers built-in biometric fingerprint scanning, but this time the phones are waterproof, have expandable storage, and sport a much improved camera. Sony launched its new Xperia phones in Barcelona too, but perhaps more intriguing were the biometirc wearables it was showing off: the Xperia Ear and Xperia Eye.

Galaxy S7 Models Unveiled in Barcelona, To Launch in March

Sony’s Xperia Line Hints at IoT Future

Fingerprints, Face, and Iris

News Roundup: Live From Mobile World Congress 2016

VISA’s Vice President Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Garth Petersen, demonstrating iris biometrics to the press at MWC.

Fingerprint and iris technologies had a presence in Barcelona last week. Egis was out in full force with its authentication technologies, and NEXT Biometrics made a splash with its latest fingerprint module that features an embedded processor. IriTech’s iris recognition technology, meanwhile, was being demonstrated at the Heptagon booth in the form of UEYE, which combines tech from both companies.

Messaging app Mantu was at MWC as well, aiming at the enterprise market with what it calls military grade encryption and also facial recognition biometrics.

MWC 2016: Mantu Eschews Central Servers, Uses ‘Military Grade Encryption’

IriTech and Heptagon Team For Mobile Iris Biometrics Solution

Egis Brings Smorgasbord of Authentication Tech to MWC16

NEXT Launches Fingerprint Module with Embedded Processor

NEXT Partners with Arrow to Offer Turnkey IoT Biometrics

Security and Connectivity

News Roundup: Live From Mobile World Congress 2016Morpho wasn’t only at MWC for mPayments. Last week we saw the company partner with Avnet – Memec Silica to produce Internet of Things connectivity solutions, which were on display at the conference.

Morpho Partners with Avnet Memec – Silica to Develop M2M Connectivity Solutions

Smart Cards

News Roundup: Live From Mobile World Congress 2016Fingerprint Cards (FPC) was at MWC in a number of capacities, among which smart cards played a big role. The sensor company has partnered with Zwipe to better attack this growing market of interest. NEXT Biometrics is also taking aim at the smart card market, and that message was reinforced with the release of the company’s Q4 2015 fiscal results.

Precise Biometrics meanwhile received another order for its Tactivo smart card readers from the US Department of Defense.

Here’s how we were talking about smart cards, both in and out of MWC, last week at Mobile ID World:

Precise Biometrics Receives Followup Tactivo Order From DoD

NEXT Issues Q4, 2015 Results, Keeps Aim on Smart Cards

FPC, Zwipe Announce Strategic Partnership in Biometric Smart Cards



News Roundup: Live From Mobile World Congress 2016

FPC was not confined just to Barcelona last week. The company made familiar headlines with a number of smartphone fingerprint sensor integrations, namely the Xiaomi Mi5, the Xiaomi Mi 4S, and LG’s new G5.

LG G5 Features FPC1035

FPC, Precise Biometrics Tech Powers Mi 4S Fingerprint Scanner

Xiaomi Mi5 Features FPC, Precise Biometrics Tech


Mobile Wallets

News Roundup: Live From Mobile World Congress 2016Mobile wallet news is coming in at a constant stream these days as the mPayment wars heat up. Last week Affinity Federal Credit Union added Android Pay and Samsung Pay to its list of supported mobile wallets, while Apple Pay and MasterCard brought back their free London transit fare promotion. Samsung Pay passed the five million user landmark last week too, while a new social media survey found that mobile payments are increasingly the topic of online conversation.

Affinity Federal Credit Union Rounds Out mPayment Support

Apple Pay, MasterCard Revive Free Ride Promotion with Transit for London

Samsung Pay Passes 5,000,000-User Mark

Social Media Study Finds Buzz Building Over mPayments



News Roundup: Live From Mobile World Congress 2016The FIDO Alliance welcomed Aitna to its board of directors last week, bringing a unique and much desired perspective on the healthcare market to the consortium. Meanwhile, GO-Trust made two headlines with its new technologies that support FIDO standards.

FIDO Welcomes Aetna to Board of Directors

Nok Nok Labs Brings FIDO Login to GO-Trust Tech

GO-Trust Announces iReader and SDencrypter for iOS


The Montgomery Summit

News Roundup: Live From Mobile World Congress 2016

Credence ID offers a range of mobile biometrics solutions, like the CredenceOne (pictured) which has been deployed to authenticate test-taking students in Nigeria.

Finally, looking ahead to next week when the curtain is drawn on Mobile World Congress 2016, we have the Montgomery Summit where Credence ID CEO Bruce Hansen will be extolling the benefits of biometric technology to an audience of potential investors, having been invited to speak at the Santa Monica event.

Credence ID CEO to Promote Biometric Solutions at The Montgomery Summit




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