News Roundup: Operating Systems For Biometrics and IOT

Last week at Mobile ID World mobile fingerprint sensors were on top of the news while operating system innovation, industry rivalries and the Internet of Things rounded out the headlines.

Here is a look back on the week that was in mobile identity management:

Samsung and Apple

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsOne of the most interesting developments in the mobile sphere is the paradoxical relationship developing between long time arch rivals Apple and Samsung. This week we continued to report on two contradictory aspects of their developing drama. The patent infringement case, that saw Apple suing Samsung in 2011, was back in the news with the US Court of Federal Appeals for the Federal Circuit revising the initial ruling. And while harsh words were exchanged, what happened in the court stayed in the court, as Samsung snuffed out rumors that the Galaxy Note 5 would be delayed in order to avoid competition with the latest iPhone in September, which will be built using Samsung’s own technology.

Read on to get a clearer look at how these epic frenemies are dealing with their differences:

Apple-Samsung Legal Drama Continues

Samsung to Compete Against its Own Tech with Galaxy Note 5

Fingerprints on Phones

Mobile BiometricsAs fingerprint sensors continue their journey to becoming standard features on smartphones, there is no lack of news regarding the companies behind the biometric technology. Last week, Fingerprint Cards confirmed that its sensors are those present on new handsets from Oppo and Yulong, and also announced that it has received yet another major sensor order. Precise Biometrics, similarly, announced that it’s Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm is on that same Oppo phone, and the Austin-based Malauzai Software announced that it is integrating Touch ID into its banking app.

New Yulong Phone Uses FPC Sensor

New Oppo Smartphone Uses FPC Sensor

Oppo R7 Plus Fingerprint Sensor Runs on BioMatch

Mobile Banking Company Introduces Touch ID Support

FPC Upgrades Revenue Projections with Latest Order

Precise Biometrics Appoints Interim CFO

The OS of The Future

Samsung Announces Second Biometric SmartphoneLast week also brought with it a number of operating system announcements. Huawei introduced its OS for the Internet of Things, while rumors swirled around Apple’s next iOS, expected to be announced at the upcoming WWDC, suspecting that it might position the iPhone at the center of the smart home. Google kept pace in this manner as well, as new details on Android M surfaced, placing a greater emphasis on biometric security.

New Android OS to Feature Native Fingerprint Authentication

Huawei Unveils OS for IoT

New iOS May Put iPhone at Center of the Smart Home

The Internet of Things

Internet of Things, Smart Tech, Connectivity, Mobile EcosystemIt just isn’t a week in mobile ID without a healthy dose of Internet of Things news. Speculation surfaced on the possibility of Google making a big IoT announcement this week, HYPR announced a future-proof IoT security platform, Canon joined the AllSeen Alliance and a new report corroborated what we’ve been seeing all year: Internet of Things is on the rise.

Here are the top IoT news items from the week that was:

Google Might Unveil IoT Software Next Week

Report Predicts Huge Growth for IoT

HYPR Announces Biometric IoT Security Platform

Canon Joins AllSeen Alliance


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