News Roundup: Password Deathwatch

This past week at Mobile ID World was all about the death of the password. From major FIDO Alliance news to the authentication headlines that came out of Google I/O, the final week of May 2015 was a major milestone on the road to a passwordless future.

Strong Online Authentication

The week began with some of 2015’s biggest news yet: Japanese mobile network operator NTT DOCOMO joined the FIDO Alliance’s board of directors as it committed to bringing its 65 million customers post-password security options. As the story developed, we continued to report on how DOCOMO was expanding its biometric embrace, while also posting an interview about the industry landmark with Rajiv Dholakia, vice president of products at Nok Nok Labs – a founding member of FIDO and the company powering DOCOMO’s authentication system.

While this was happening, FIDO certified EgisTec’s biometric and second factor products too,as Google also took a stand on strong authentication. At Google I/O it was announced that the new Android M operating system will have native fingerprint sensor support.

Read on to see how this was one of the biggest weeks in post-password news yet:

INTERVIEW: Rajiv Dholakia of Nok Nok Labs

NTT DOCOMO And FIDO Make History

DOCOMO to Authenticate Users Via Qualcomm Biometric Platform

Delta ID Tech Powers Smartphone’s Iris Scanner

EgisTec UAF and U2F Products Get FIDO Certification

Precise Biometrics Lauds Android M Fingerprint Biometrics

Nok Nok Integration Paves Way for Android M Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication horizontal banner set with privacy protection and recognition elements isolated vector illustration

The Connected World

At Google’s event this past week, the company shed light on plans for an Internet of Things operating system. Meanwhile, in Canada, things continue to look up for the IoT market as experts predicted that the country will be a leader in connected smart technology. Additionally, this week a Montreal man contested a ticket he received for a new futuristic crime: using an Apple Watch while driving.

Google’s Brillo Aims to Provide OS for IoT

Driver Fights Ticket Over Apple Watch Use

Canada Could Be IoT Leader


Healthcare and Commerce

In telehealth news, this week we reported that AMC Health’s Quality Management System met important FDA requirements. A new app, called LEAGUE, meanwhile, was announced, promising to connect users with local healthcare professionals.

Mobile commerce made the news this week as well, with PayPal announcing Touch ID support, Apple aiming to add value adding services to its mobile wallet, and ICICI Bank adding voice recognition to both its call-based operations and its mobile app.

Here are the week’s top stories in mobile healthcare and commerce:

AMC Health Platform Found to Meet CFR Title 21 Requirements

App Aims to Connect Users with Healthcare Pros

PayPal Announces Touch ID User Login

Apple Readies Rewards Program for Apple Pay

Mobile Voice Authentication Comes to ICICI Bank Customers


Fingerprint Sensors

Rounding out the week was the requisite fingerprint sensor news. NEXT announced yet another major sensor order, boosting the company’s revenue, while Fingerprint Cards officially announced its new CEO and let us in on a little secret: that it played an integral part in developing the fingerprint system on Android M.

NEXT Revenues Boosted By Big New Order

FPC Helped Google Develop Android M’s Fingerprint System

FPC CEO Transition Becomes Official

Fingerprint protection icons on green background. Vector illustration.


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