News Roundup: PayPal and the mPayment Wars

Last week at Mobile ID World smartphone security dominated the news while we continued our month long examination of the Internet of Things. The mobile commerce competition continued to heat up and privacy concerns had their chance in the spotlight too.

Here is a look back on the top headlines of the week that was:

mPayment Wars

News Roundup: PayPal and the mPayment Wars

PayPal was all over the industry news this week as its controversial new user agreement continued to present problems with not only users, but also the FCC and members of the US senate. This headache is coming at a critical time in mPayments, and our articles this week examine the emerging mobile commerce wars that will see PayPal, Apple, Samsung and Google battling for your wallet.

Competition Heats Up in mPayment Market

Apple and PayPal Battle for mPayment Supremacy

PayPal’s User Agreement Difficulty Deepens

PayPal Can’t Shake User Agreement Headache

Internet of Things

PrintIn the featured articles this week, we examined five consumer applications of the Internet of Things. Meanwhile, the news on IoT contained its share of skepticism in regards to how ready the Internet of Things is for prime time. That uncertainty hasn’t stopped major companies from investing in the M2M network, as exemplified by AT&T this week, which underlined its substantial investment in the Internet of Things.

IoT Month: 5 Consumer Applications For Internet of Things

IoT is ‘Not Safe Right Now’: ISE Executive

AT&T Jockeys for Position as IoT Market Leader

Nest Refresh Prompts Questions About IoT Interconnectivity


wearable tech featureA new report released this week shows growth in the wearables market, suggesting there will be plenty of interest in the newly rumored Apple Watch 2. The current iteration of Apple’s smartwatch is only just now reservable in the company’s stores, but according to sources it won’t be long before the next generation will be making its way to early adopting wrists.

Apple Watch 2 Aims To Go Tether-Less

Wearables Market to Reach Almost $300m by 2018: Report

Apple Stores Now Taking Reservations for Apple Watch

Smartphones and Apps

Biometric authentication horizontal banner set with privacy protection and recognition elements isolated vector illustration

In smartphone news this week, we talked ear-shape biometrics, reporting on a new authentication patent awarded to Amazon. The world’s first iris-scanning smartphone was launched in Japan, while numerous fingerprint solutions made headlines. ZTE aimed at the Russian market with an Eyeprint scanning phone and a new partnership, and we also brought you news on the latest AirWatch partnership.

Take a look below at how smartphone authentication developed over the past week.

World’s First Iris-Scanning Smartphone Debuts in Japan

AppHawk and AirWatch Secure Clients Against Dangers

Amazon Patents Ear-Based Authentication System

ZTE Aims to Boost Russia Sales with Partnership

Over a Billion Biometric Mobile Devices Will Ship in 2021

Huawei Focuses on Fingerprints in Honor 7 Marketing

Precise Biometrics Celebrates New Smartphone Integration


Biometric Authentication BannersPrivacy is a volatile topic in identity management right now, and this week we reported on three different face recognition stories that focused on this controversial aspect. Facebook decided to keep its new Moments app out of Europe and a US lawsuit took aim at Shutterfly for its collection of biometric data. In news that puts control back in the hand of end users, we reported on a new camera aimed at consumers that leverages facial recognition ships with customizable privacy features.

Facebook Keeps Facial Recognition Tech Out of Europe

Welcome Home Camera Sports Facial Recognition, Privacy Controls

Another US Lawsuit Fights Biometric Data Collection

Multimodal Authentication

securityRounding out the week we reported on Mitek’s acquisition of IDchecker, Eastern Bank’s use of Nuance voice biometrics for caller authentication, and FPC’s newest sensor order which had the company updating its revenue predictions.

Mitek Wraps Up IDchecker Acquisition

Nuance Brings Voice Recognition to Bank’s Call Center

FPC Upgrades Revenue Predictions With Asia-Based Order


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