News Roundup: FIDO, PayPal and the Internet of Things

Last week at Mobile ID World we continued our featured examination if the Internet of Things while big news regarding strong mobile authentication made up some of the biggest headlines, along with PayPal, Apple and Motorola. Here’s a look back on the week’s top stories:


PrintOur Internet of things Month coverage continued last week with a look into how voice biometrics tech is offering secure and convenient interface options for the IoT. The industry news stayed on theme too: Dell opened an IoT lab in Limerick, Ireland; a new report suggested that IoT may help grow the smart building market; and Apple even had a few things to say about the M2M network at WWDC.

Take a look below at all the way the Internet of Things made it into the discussion last week:

IoT Month: Talking To Your Things

Dell Opens IoT Lab in Ireland

IoT Could Spur Smart Building Market: Report

IoT Village at DEF CON to Explore Security Vulnerabilities

WWDC: Apple Expands Mobile Offerings in Wearables, mPayment, IoT

Strong Mobile Authentication

Biometric authentication horizontal banner set with privacy protection and recognition elements isolated vector illustration

FIDO made the news yet again this week with another high profile member announcement: welcoming NIST and the UK Home Office into the war on passwords as the organization’s first government members. That’s not all form the post-password consortium though, it also certified Daon’s future proof Identity X platform.

Acuity Market Intelligence released a new report on the positive future for mobile biometrics, while Synaptics announced a major milestone for Natural ID, and we learned more details about Android M’s use of biometrics. All of that, plus a new cardiac biometric authentication solution and more, made headlines in strong mobile authentication last week.

Take a look at these top headlines for more:

Daon’s IdentityX Platform Gets FIDO Certification

FIDO Welcomes First Government Members

TCS-Symantec Solution Offers Device Location Authentication

Android M Password Manager Uses Fingerprint as Master Key

Acuity Predicts Huge Growth For Mobile Biometrics Market

Synaptics Reaches Milestone in Fingerprint Tech Shipments

Cardiac Biometrics System Offers Continuous Authentication

Mobile Commerce

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Mobile commerce was another major topic of last week, as we learned about Apple Pay’s UK debut, the inclusion of Touch ID on a mobile banking platform and Baidu’s intentions to get into smart wallets. PayPal also made the news quite a bit this week as we march ever closer to its departure from eBay. Read about the controversy, the speculation and the innovation in this week’s PayPal news by checking out the links below:

Apple Pay to Make UK Debut Next Month

PayPal Does Damage Control Over New User Agreement

eBay Foresees Revenue Drop as PayPal Split Looms

PayPal Expanding One Touch Service to Canada, UK

Mobile Banking Platform Uses Touch ID for User Authentication

Baidu Exploring Smart Wallet Concept

Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Wearables

59243102_thumbnailIn device-centric news last week there were a ton of fingerprints. Leaked images of the upcoming Moto X suggested that the handset will feature a fingerprint sensor, a new Apple patent had us expecting Touch ID’s appearance on future Macbooks, and FPC announced that its sensor is the one on the new Elfie E8.

In non-biometric news, we brought you an update on the seemingly inevitable iPad with a stylus and Samsung officially introduced the sensor-less Galaxy S6 Active smartphone.

FPC Tech Built In To Elife E8, China-Made Smartphone

Writing’s on the Wall About Coming iPad Stylus

Samsung Officially Unveils Galaxy S6 Active Smartphone

Patent for Touch ID on Macbooks Gets Approval

Next Motorola Device Will Probably Have a Fingerprint Sensor


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