News Roundup: The Internet of Things Is Changing Identity

This week at Mobile ID World, in the featured articles section, we took a look at how the recent focus on expanding the Internet of Things (IoT, M2M) has been changing the identity conversation. The industry news was appropriately themed in this manner, with IoT and connected cars dominating the discourse this week. Fingerprint news was also abundant as reports and opinions came in regarding the status of the war on passwords.

Here is a look at the past week in mobile identity management:

Internet of Things

Internet of Things, Smart Tech, Connectivity, Mobile EcosystemThe Internet of Things is changing our ideas of identity as it endeavors to transform our modern world. This week Ford and Jeep represented the connected car in the industry news while the UK government and Facebook both separately made moves in support of the M2M network.

A new poll revealed strong interest in the upcoming Apple Watch, while another report, in contrast, shed light on a general disinterest in wearable tech in the Britain (but a strong enthusiasm for IoT in general).

Here’s how our conversation revolved around IoT this past week:

IoT: The Internet of Change

UK Government Invests Heavily in IoT

Facebook Grasps at Internet of Things

New Jeep to Pioneer Iris Scanning Driver Authentication

Ford Uses Biometric Tech to Improve Driver Experience

Poll Finds Strong Consumer Interest in Apple Watch

Britons Skeptical About Smartwatches, Excited About IoT: Survey

Fingerprints and Mobility

Mobile BiometricsFingerprint biometric concerns continued to enjoy a strong amount of representation in the news this week, with FPC announcing yet another major order for its FPC1025 biometric sensors. BIO-key unveiled it’s new disruptive fingerprint reader, the EcoID, which can fit in your pocket and save you on budget, while Nok Nok Labs facilitated biometrically protected mobile health records.

We also reported on the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch in India, and the news that Zwipe has joined the aptiQ Alliance Program, allowing it to bring fingerprint-based access control to even more card-based security systems.

EcoID Fingerprint Scanner Aims to Disrupt Market

MedImpact Uses Nok Nok Labs’ Biometric Tech to Replace Physicians’ Passwords

Another Major Order for FPC Sensors

Zwipe Joins aptiQ Alliance Program

Samsung S6 Devices Launch in India

The Post-Password Paradigm

Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: PayPal Leadership, Touch ID and Concern Versus ActionEvery week in mobile ID is another week closer to the death of the password. This week SRI International gave us hope in the manner by bringing iris biometrics to Samsung mobile devices, while a new report came in about the positive outlook on the consumer and enterprise biometrics market. AGNITiO, in a blog post published this week, underlined an excellent strength of voice recognition, offering a solution to the problem of irrevocability in many forms of biometric security.

SRI’s Iris Biometrics to Appear in Samsung Mobile Devices

AGNITiO Cheers On the Password’s Demise

Report: $3.1 Billion in 2015 Revenues for Consumer, Enterprise Biometrics

New Study Looks at Customer Authentication Practices and Pitfalls


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