News Roundup: The Mobile Future

This past week at Mobile ID World the news spanned commerce, Internet of Things, market research and more. Massive orders, major new releases and encouraging updates characterized the second week of May.

Read on to see the top mobile identity management news stories from the week that was.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile CommerceThis week, in mCommerce news, we got an update from the USAA mobile banking app, learned a little bit more about Samsung’s acquisition of LoopPay, and reported on the company supplying Alipay’s Smile to Pay feature. VoiceVault’s ViGo solution will be used to authenticate mobile payments thanks to this week’s news that it will be integrated into a new mCommerce platform from SayPay Technologies. Meanwhile, Mountain America Credit Union’s mobile banking app embraced two biometric modalities: eye vein and fingerprint.

Here are the week’s top mCommerce stories:

Credit Union App Uses Fingerprint or Eye Vein Scan for Login

USAA Data Offers Insights on Users’ Tech Preferences

Alipay Facial Recognition Developer Raises $47 Million in Series B Funding

VoiceVault Tech to Authenticate mPayments

Samsung’s LoopPay Acquisition was a $250m Investment

Mobile Authentication

Mobile BiometricsIn authentication news this week we reported on universal second factors, better fingerprint biometrics on major smartphones, and a new order of Tactivo readers for use in healthcare. Fingerprint Cards received a gigantic sensor order while Fujitsu made preparations to launch an iris-scanning smartphone.

Check out this week’s top mobile authentication stories:

Iris-Scanning Smartphone About to Launch in Japan

iPhone 6S to Feature More Advanced Biometrics Tech

Could U2F Keys Kill the Password?

UK Healthcare Administrator Orders Tactivo Readers

Samsung Smartphone Software Upgrade Improves Biometrics, Performance

FPC Announces Massive Fingerprint Sensor Order

Mobile Innovation

FPC launches new touch sensor of Anfroid and Windows home-button biometricsThe week was not without innovation either. Apple and Microsoft – major supporters of biometric technology – were named as leading tech innovators by Forbes, and Sensory launched its new TrulyNatural speech recognition solution which will be making its way onto social robots meant for consumer use. In addition to all of that, we also reported on a new solution that combines mobility and facial recognition to aid the blind in spotting familiar people.

Face Biometrics Can Help the Blind Spot Friends

Apple and Microsoft Lead in Brand Value, Tech Innovation

New Partnership to Develop Wearables with Sweat Biometrics

Sensory Releases TrulyNatural, Licenses It For Social Robot

Mobile Future

unsplash_mobileThis week Samsung and Qualcomm carried the banner for the Internet of Things, while we once again heard warnings that an IoT without standards is a dangerous one. Keeping on the topic of forward thinking, we received update this week on the Cloud2Drive platform on its way from ImageWare and Extenua, which is progressing as planned, with an impending release in the near future.

Cool Vendor to Provide ARTIK Security

ARTIK Chip Line Brings Some Standards to the IoT

Qualcomm Solidifying Foothold in IoT

Lack of Tech Standards Leaves IoT Vulnerable

Cloud2Drive Looms on Horizon

Mobile Markets

Dollar Finger PrintRounding out the week we have two bits of market research. A new report available from Research and Markets provided numbers to corroborate what we’ve all expected to be true: that 2014 was a major year for the mobile fingerprint sensor. Tractica, in the meantime, released a report on the future of user interface technology, underlining voice biometrics and gesture recognition as emerging modalities in the way we interact with connected tech.

2014 was “Watershed Year” for Mobile Fingerprint Sensors

Future of User Interfaces is Multimodal: Tractica


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