News Roundup: The Twitter-net of Things

This past week at Mobile ID World we brought you top stories regarding the Internet of Things, Samsung’s smartphone rebound, the Apple Watch launch and the benefits biometics bring when paired with mobility.

Internet of Things

Social MediaThis week in IoT news we saw a lot of forward thinking. Could Twitter be an avenue for end users to interface with connected objects? Might IoT improve elder care? These questions were on our mind this week as we learned that Internet of Things will be a driver of datacenter growth.

IoT Will Drive Huge Datacenter Growth: Report

IoT Could Improve Lives of the Elderly

Twitter IoT Integration Could Make User the Medium for Things

Toshiba Announces HDK/SDK Platform for IoT Health Tracker


Galaxy S6This week Samsung talked Q1 2015, and it had good news: its smartphones are back on top of the market in terms of sales. Synaptics confirmed that its fingerprint sensors are being used on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and Trustonic announced that its mobile security solution for Samsung KNOX is now available.

Trustonic for KNOX SDK Now Available

Despite Profit Plunge, Samsung Smartphones Outsell Rivals in Q1

Synaptics Discusses Fiscal Results, Future Opportunities


Apple Watch UberLast week ended with the launch of the Apple Watch, and this week we covered the fallout. It looks like the wearable’s odd rollout, that saw supply failing to meet a massive demand, may have been a result of a defect in the taptic engine – at least that’s what’s being speculated around the Internet. Meanwhile, Apple won a voice recognition lawsuit in China and saw its Touch ID security integrated into a banking app.

Hardware Defect May Have Delayed Apple Watch Rollout

Touch ID Integrated Into Digital Insight Banking Apps

Apple Wins Patent Lawsuit in China

Demand Far Outstrips Supply in Strange Apple Watch Rollout

Biometric Benefits

MultimodalThis past week the news was filled with examples of how biometrics and mobility can improve industries that adopt them. We reported on a future-proof mobile security platform, an award winning mobile physical access solution, and VoiceVault’s ViGo technology, which is bringing assurance to driver certification. In addition to that, we also saw two studies surface regarding how biometrics and mobility are changing the healthcare industries for the better.

Mobizent Handheld Device Upgraded with Integrated Biometrics Tech

Encap Stresses Adaptability of Mobile Security Platform

VoiceVault Mobile System Adds Credibility to Driver Certification App

IMID Mobile Stands Out at ISC West

Biometrics Study Found Reduced Hospitalization, Costs: AMC Health

Biometric Analysis Reveals Consumer Responses to Advertising


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