News Roundup: Wearable Innovation in a Connected World

Last week at Mobile ID World we reported on the latest member to join the FIDO Alliance while details emerged concerning the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and wearable innovation, biometric software, and mobile payment news filled out the headlines.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile digital identity:

FIDO’s Newest Member

News Roundup: Wearable Innovation in a Connected WorldLast week credential management solutions company Dashlane became the newest member of the FIDO Alliance. FIDO executive director Brett McDowell contextualized the importance of Dashlane’s membership, stating: “When a leading mass market credential management company like Dashlane joins the Alliance it sends a message to the rest of the market that FIDO is emerging as the consensus strong authentication standard for consumers as well as corporations, and desktops as well as mobile.”

FIDO Alliance Welcomes Newest Member: Dashlane

Payments and Banking

News Roundup: Wearable Innovation in a Connected WorldAlipay is taking to the skies, we reported last week, with news that one Finland’s major airlines has embraced the digital wallet. Samsung Pay officially launched in Thailand, meanwhile, and new reports positioned Apple Pay as a leader in official merchant support when it comes to the US mPayment landscape. All of that and more had us talking about mobile ID, payments, and biometrics last week. Take a look:

Finnish Airline to Pioneer In-Flight Alipay

Samsung Pay Officially Launches in Thailand

Apple Pay Leads in ‘Official’ Merchant mPayment Support in US

Emirates NBD Deploys Mobile Biometrics

Apple Versus Australia

News Roundup: Wearable Innovation in a Connected WorldThe war between Apple and Australian banks continued to wage on last week as the former seeks to bring its mobile wallet to the market without opening up its proprietary technology to the country’s financial institutions. While Apple has seen a great deal of opposition on this front, last week it found support in the form of banks that have a digital presence in Australia and would therefore benefit from Apple Pay. Catch up on the developments in this ongoing battle by following the links below:

Australia’s Macquarie, ING Direct See Opportunity in Apple Pay

Apple Drops Gloves in Final Round of Fight Against Australian Banks

Mobile World Congress

News Roundup: Wearable Innovation in a Connected WorldMobile World Congress 2017 is coming up and last week we saw the major annual Barcelona event start to take form with the GSMA announcing the conference’s key themes and Mastercard outlining its substantial presence scheduled for the exhibition. MWC has been expanding beyond Europe over the past few years, and last week we got our first glimpse at inaugural Mobile World Congress Americas scheduled for September.

GSMA Announces the Seven Themes of MWC

Mastercard to Tout Digital Payments at Mobile World Congress

Details Emerge on First-Ever MWC Americas

Wearable Innovation

News Roundup: Wearable Innovation in a Connected WorldA new version of Android Wear has launched with improved biometric capabilities. Wearables and biometrics have also converged in a new novel technology developed by MIT researchers that can detect the tone of conversations. And a new smart clothing solution from Noble Biomaterials and Bemis Associates was announced last week that could help wearable technology truly meet its full potential.

Silver-Bonded Clothing Could Electrify Wearables

Wearable Biometric System Assesses if Conversations Are Happy or Sad

Revamped Android Wear Sports Enhanced Biometrics, AI Assistant

Biometric Software

News Roundup: Wearable Innovation in a Connected WorldBiometric software made headlines last week as we considered the factors that could lead to 2017 being a big year for behavioral analytics and authentication. Biometric software company Aware, Inc. released its year-end 2016 financial results too, and Jumio upgraded its Netverify biometric solution with document-reading capabilities.

Aware, Inc. Announces Q4 and Year-End Results for 2016

Jumio Adds Document-Reading Capability to Biometric Authentication Platform

Behavioral Biometrics Emerging as a Key Security Solution

Connected World

News Roundup: Wearable Innovation in a Connected WorldBiometrics are poised to become an integral part of the connected car, and in ways that go beyond simple access control applications, according to Delta ID CEO CEO, Dr. Salil Prabhakar. In other connected news, Safran Identity & Security announced last week that its MorphoFlex solution received certification from the GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme for eSIM Subscription Management (SAS-SM)—a development that will clear the way for a broader use of the eSIM provisioning solution.

Safran eSIM Provisioning Solution Gets GSMA Certification

Biometrics Are Coming To a Connected Car Near You: Delta ID


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