NexID Joins The FIDO Alliance, Brings Spoof-Proofing

The FIDO Alliance has just welcomed its newest member in the quest for universal online authentication specifications: NexID Biometrics, a provider of spoof mitigation and liveness detection solutions.

“The decision to join FIDO Alliance stems from NexID’s mission to help make biometric authentication pervasive in use,” says NexID COO Mark Cornett. “We believe the FIDO Alliance is a key element to furthering that vision, and are pleased to join the organization’s members in that effort.”

NexID’s solutions help bolster mobile biometric security. In May, the company launched its Mobile Live Finger Detection application for Android operating systems. The app targets device manufacturers and mobile commerce vendors, providing them with a tool to better combat the bad press that consumer product spoofing propagates.

In the launch announcement for the Mobile Live Finger Detection app, Cornett explained the demand for commercial anti-spoofing: “While Apple validated the convenience of fingerprint authentication as an alternative to passwords on mobile devices, the spoof of the iPhone 5S – and more recently the Samsung Galaxy S5 – confirmed that the current level of security is vulnerable to spoofing. Clearly the layers of security for unlocking mobile devices and their applications need to be stronger to properly meet the needs of users, facilitators of mobile commerce and business people responsible for their companies’ BYOD policies.”

He went on to expand on the company’s beliefs that spoof mitigation adds a layer of confidence and trust required to enable mCommerce.

In regard to NexID’s new Alliance membership, Michael Barrett, president of FIDO says, “We are excited to welcome our newest associate member NexID Biometrics. The FIDO vision of universal strong authentication promises better security, enhanced privacy, more commerce and expansion of services throughout digital industries. NexID Biometrics’ addition to our Alliance supports our industry goal to make user authentication easier and safer for all parties.”

Prior to this news, as reported earlier this year by Mobile ID World, NexID was the recipient of a number of grants to further research and develop liveness detection solutions.