NEXT Biometrics Invests in Flexible Sensor Production Equipment

NEXT Biometrics has acquired some powerful new production equipment. The company has announced that it was acquired a high capacity coating machine and a precision laser cutter, representing a $4 million investment.NEXT Biometrics Invests in Flexible Sensor Production Equipment

They’re part of the company’s push to get its flexible fingerprint sensors to market, with the laser cutter enabling the company to produce tools for the production of such sensors, and the coating machine able to also coat traditional, rigid sensors. The company says it’s aiming to have both pieces of machinery in operation in the first half of next year.

The equipment purchases were part of the company’s joint effort with Taiwan-based display manufacturer Innolux to ramp up production of flexible fingerpirnt sensors. NEXT is currently relying solely on Innolux’s coating machine, so the activation of this new equipment should considerably improve production.

NEXT is credited with having developed the world’s first flexible fingerprint sensor, and is aiming to pioneer the technology in the biometric smart card market.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)