NEXT Biometrics Expects ‘High Volume Growth’

Fingerprint protection icons on green background. Vector illustration.

NEXT Biometrics is touting its strong position in the fingerprint sensor market after a very strong first half to the year.

While the company’s CEO, Tore Etholm-Idsøe, continues to credit much of its success to what he calls ‘the Apple effect‘ – that is, Apple’s popularization of smartphone-embedded fingerprint scanners via its iPhones’ Touch ID system – he’s also keen to note NEXT’s strategic efforts in business planning. In particular, the company has focused on expanding its lineup of fingerprint sensors, from one generic module to six distinct modules specializing in different areas. In a statement on Yahoo Finance, Etholm-Idsøe explains that while development of the new modules “had the effect of postponing some sales,” it “will have a significant positive impact going forward. NEXT now has a product portfolio that covers the market needs in all targeted key market segments.”

Additionally, NEXT added to its talent pool by appointing former a former ACER executive as a Vice President, and taking on 10 new engineers at its Taipei, Seattle, and Prague offices; and it improved its production capacity and reduced costs. All of these efforts have helped to position the company for growth, and it is growing: Etholm-Idsøe says NEXT now has 170 project underway around the world, including a major tier one design win.

“The NEXT organization is set for high volume growth,” Etholm-Idsøe says.