NEXT Biometrics’ Flexible Fingerprint Sensors Ready For Mass Production

NEXT Biometrics has succeeded in its aim of being ready for mass production of its flexible fingerprint sensors in Q2, the company has announced.

NEXT Biometrics Flexible Fingerprint Sensors Ready For Mass ProductionIt’s the result of a partnership with Taiwan-based display maker Innolux established last July, along with considerable investments in new production equipment. Now, everything is in place and up to spec, and NEXT says it’s already “collaborating with customers on smart card projects,” according to a statement from the company.

Commenting on the achievement, NEXT CEO Ritu Favre said, “We are not aware of any other fingerprint supplier able to mass produce flexible sensors,” adding later that “[t]he smart card market represents endless opportunities”. Indeed, it’s one that has lately seen a steep ramp-up in activity, with Mastercard having recently announced successful trials of its biometric payment card, and Zwipe getting its first orders for its own biometric smart card solution, to name a couple of major examples.

As for NEXT, Innolux’s enthusiasm attests to the company’s prospects, with EVP Chin-Lung Ting having asserted in a presentation to investors that “NEXT’s flexible panels will become the cash cow of Innolux.”

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)