Next iPad Expected To Feature Touch ID, Announcement Coming October 16

The next major announcement out of Cupertino, California, regarding new innovations from Apple is set to occur on October 16. Initially rumored to be held on the 21st of October, sources recently told online publication Re/Code that Apple will actually be taking the stage ten days from today.

Touch ID

Since Touch ID’s launch in September of 2013, Apple has put much more support behind its fingerprint sensor.

A huge number of announcements are expected to land on eagerly awaiting ears of Apple consumers, though as history has shown in the past, the company’s biggest news always seems to come out in September.

Although we don’t expect any Apple Pay-esque disruptors to shake the world this month from Tim Cook and his team, the new generation of iPad is rumored to be announced on the 16th, this time sporting a shiny new Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Last year’s October announcement followed the initial launch of Touch ID on the iPhone 5S. The fall 2013 event introduced Apple’s iPad Air tablet, a mega-lightweight mobile that somewhat surprisingly didn’t feature a fingerprint sensor. This year that’s expected to change, with fingerprint biometrics playing a much larger role in Apple’s big picture thanks to the iPhone 6 models, Apple Pay and a growing number of iOS 8 apps that support Touch ID.

In addition to biometric tablets, October’s announcement is expected to herald OS X Yosimite and a new line of iMacs with Retina Display.

Though the company is not without its critics, Apple has done quite a bit to put biometrics in the hands of the average consumer over the past year. On the launch weekend of its newest flagship smartphones, over ten million users purchased a Touch ID device that, if rumors regarding the Apple Pay launch prove true, will allow for fingerprint authenticated payment as soon as October 20.