NEXT Applies to Transfer Shares to Main Stock Market

NEXT Applies to Transfer Shares to Oslo Stock Exchange

NEXT Biometrics has applied to transfer its shares from Oslo Axess to the Oslo Stock Exchange main list, the company has announced.

It’s a sign of confidence and growth on company’s part. Oslo Axess is a regulated stock market designed to promote growth for smaller, pre-market companies; transferring shares to Norway’s main stock market, then, would represent a sort of graduation to mature market competition.

The move complements other recent developments indicative of NEXT’s potential. It just signed a new distributor for the Spanish market, for example; and the company also recently attracted the attention of Greenbridge Partners, a major investment firm based in Sweden. Moreover, NEXT has announced plans to demonstrate its technology at the upcoming Cartes 2015 conference, where it will place a particular focus on technology related to mPayment security – a growing market that appears to offer a wealth of opportunities for companies like NEXT Biometrics.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)