NextFlex Event Showcases Flexible Device Tech

The second annual NextFlex conference is underway today in San Jose.

NextFlex Event Showcases Flexible Device TechIts eponymous organizer was founded in 2015, when the Department of Defense announced $75 million to foster the development of flexible hybrid electronics (FHE). The result to date is a wide range of devices and solutions from over 50 participating companies, which are being showcased at today’s event at NextFlex’s headquarters. American Semiconductor, for example, is showing off an ultra-thin FHE microcontroller, while GE will showcase a wireless EKG device and a wearable patch designed to measure hydration levels; and Lockheed Martin will be on hand to highlight its Desert Hawk III drone featuring FHE components.

In a statement, NextFlex Executive Director Malcolm Thompson suggested that in addition to offering applications in healthcare, aerospace, and the automotive and retail sectors, “FHE devices will also likely impact disruptive technologies including wearable electronics and the IoT.”

NextFlex has so far committed to bringing the solutions of its various participating companies to market for $45 million, so there’s still plenty more room for innovation from its original grant going forward.