News Roundup: Introducing Nexus Imprint

Last week at Mobile ID World we reported on Google’s long awaited answer to Touch ID: Nexus Imprint. The new regulations governing chip cards took effect in the US too, while other headlines had us talking about liveness detection, wearable tech and the FIDO Alliance.

Here is a look back on last week’s top news in mobile identity management:


Google Goes Biometric

Samsung Announces Second Biometric SmartphoneGoogle announced its latest generation of smartphones last week, the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, from Huawei and LG respectively. Among the many impressive features supported by both phones, biometrics stands out. Not only are both handsets the first to launch with Android Marshmallow, but they also feature Nexus Imprint: a rear mounted fingerprint sensor courtesy of FPC, powered by Precise Biometrics software.

Google Nexus 5X and 6P First to Use Android Marshmallow

Google Nexus Phones Feature FPC Sensors

New Google Smartphones Use Precise Biometrics Tech

Nok Nok App SDK Supports iOS 9, Android Marshmallow

FIDO Alliance

securityNTT DOCOMO, the first mobile service carrier to embrace the standards championed by the FIDO Alliance, announced last week that it will be expanding its support of the consortium’s strong online authentication specifications. FIDO’s Universal Second Factor (U2F) standard made the news last week too, with GitHub announcing its support.

U2F Standard Gets Major Boost From GitHub

NTT DOCOMO Extends FIDO Certified Mobile Lineup


wearable tech featureApple continued its efforts to innovate wearable technology last week, filing a patent for a connected smart ring. The world of smartwatches, meanwhile, got a lot more flexible with the launch of LG’s newest wearable which boasts cellular connectivity that allows it to function without being tethered to a handset.

New LG Smartwatch Offers Cellular Connectivity

New Patent Application Details the Apple Ring


Last week had us reporting on a slew of new biometric smartphones. The DHS and Boeing are working on integrating invisible biometrics into a self-destructible spy phone, Coolepad’s new Shine device sports an FPC sensor, and we posted about the latest from ZTE – the Axon mini – which features the Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics technology of its larger sibling.

FPC1035 Featured on LG V10 Handset

ZTE Axon Mini Sports FPC Sensor

New ZTE Device Uses Precise Biometrics Software

Two New Smartphones Sport Synaptics Tech

Coolpad Shine Features Rear-Mounted FPC Sensor

DHS, Boeing Working on Biometric Self-Destruct System for Smartphones

Iris Recognition

HiResA group of academic interests are seeking submissions for an iris recognition liveness detection competition being held to advance the modality. SRI International, in the meantime, was at ASIS 2015 last week where it’s Iris on the Move (IOM) solutions scored it two industry awards.

SRI’s Samsung License Agreement Scores ASIS Accolades

LivDet-Iris 2015 Seeks State of The Art Biometrics


Mobile payments, online banking.The EMV chip has been in the news quite a bit lately, with retailers in the US who don’t support it now liable for any fraud that occurs on their old fashioned POS tech. Last week we saw Visa piloting its new biometric EMV standard, while MasterCard optimistically weighed in on new data about chip cards. PayPal Here launched in the US, enabling NFC payment transactions for retailers looking for a cost effective way to stay on top of the commercial landscape, and Samsung Pay launched, allowing users to use their mobile wallets on magstripe card readers.

MasterCard Finds Optimism in Data on Shift to EMV Chip Cards

Visa Piloting Biometric EMV Standard

PayPal Launches NFC Readers in US

Samsung Pay Joins Android Pay, Apple Pay in US mPayment Market


Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsThe numbers were in after the first weekend of the iPhone 6S smartphones, and it looks like China helped significantly in breaking previously held sales records. Tim Cook re-upped his stance on user privacy, calling it a human right, and Apple continued to explore opportunities in wearable tech by filing patent for a connected smart ring.

China Helps Drive Record Sales for New iPhone Models

Apple CEO Calls User Privacy a ‘Human Right’

New iPhones’ Siri Can Recognize Your Voice


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