Nina ID 2.0 Supports Multi-Factor Biometrics

Nuance has announced a new version of its Nina voice-based AI assistant platform. Nina ID 2.0 now supports multi-factor authentication.

Nuance's Nina ID 2.0 Supports Multi-Factor AuthenticationThe system now supports both voice biometrics and facial recognition capabilities, with the former functioning via passphrase and the latter operating via selfie. It also supports fingerprint scanning on smartphones, and the company says it offers an added layer of security by analyzing “behavioral biometrics in the background,” according to a statement announcing the upgraded platform.

Nina has come a long way since it was first launched in 2012, and is now the basis for major customer service AI systems like Domino’s ‘Dom’ and JetStar’s ‘Jess’. More recently, the technology has been integrated into USAA’s website for customer assistance, while Nuance’s voice-based AI development platform has been embraced by Greenwave and robotics specialist ROOBO.