NNL Launches Premium Edition of Flagship Authentication Platform

Nok Nok Labs has launched a new version of its flagship authentication platform.

NNL Launches Premium Edition of Flagship Authentication PlatformIt’s called Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite Premium Edition. Like the original S3 Authentication Suite, it features multimodal biometric authentication capabilities, supporting iris, voice, and fingerprint recognition. But it also features a Risk Engine, which uses signals like geolocation and travel speed to further assess potential digital threats, and can scan for signs that a device has been tampered with, too.

To heighten the platform’s appeal, Nok Nok Labs says its Nok Nok Authentication Server “will continue to support all current and emerging FIDO specifications”, referring to the increasingly prominent authentication standards now used across a range of applications and businesses. That should help businesses to ‘future proof’ their authentication processes.

Nok Nok Labs CEO Phillip Dunkelberger wrote in a blog post commenting on today’s announcement: “With today’s product launch, we have also announced that we intend to be the first to support all current and new FIDO protocols as adopted by our customers and required by industry. Our product vision is to provide our customers with a unified infrastructure middleware solution that delivers easy to use and strong authentication across all platforms, protocols, devices and use cases.”

The original S3 Authentication Suite has already been deployed by major names like PayPal and Alipay, and if that’s any indication, the new Premium Edition should be a hit, too.