Nok Nok App SDK Supports iOS 9, Android Marshmallow

Nok Nok App SDK Supports iOS 9, Android MarshmallowAuthentication solutions provider and FIDO Alliance co-founder Nok Nok Labs has launched a new SDK for both the iOS 9 and Android Marshmallow platforms. Called the Nok Nok App SDK, it is, of course, FIDO Certified, and follows up on a previous commitment from the company to integrate its authentication solutions with Google’s new Android OS.

In both its versions, the SDK enables developers to leverage mobile devices’ biometric capabilities, including fingerprint and iris modalities, for user authentication. While Apple has led the way in fingerprint biometrics by including its Touch ID system on all new mobile devices for the past year or so, Android Marshmallow now brings native fingerprint biometrics capabilities to another broad range of smartphones; both operating systems, then, have the tools to really take advantage of the Nok Nok App SDK. Moreover, the SDK allows developers to implement FIDO UAF protocol security easily and effectively, reducing development time and costs.

In a press release, Nok Nok Labs CEO Phillip Dunkelberger summarized it neatly, asserting that his company is “delivering a solution to the market that enables organizations to integrate once, no matter the platform or device, and authenticate everywhere.” He suggested that the SDK effectively allows developers to replace the password with more advanced and convenient authentication, and pointed out that Nok Nok’s “approach approach avoids integrating with custom APIs for disparate platforms as well as mitigates the costs of maintaining fragmented authentication infrastructure.”