Nok Nok Integration Paves Way for Android M Biometric Authentication

Nok Nok Integration Paves Way for Android M Biometric AuthenticationApplication security developer Nok Nok Labs has announced a couple of major new developments in its efforts to provide users and organizations with highly secure authentication solutions. Both revolve around the company’s flagship S3 Authentication Suite.

In exciting news for Google enthusiasts, the platform has been integrated into Google’s newly unveiled Google Android M Developer Preview. Mobile apps running on the OS will be able to use Nok Nok technology for user authentication via the Android Fingerprint API and the FIDO Alliance’s Universal Authentication Framework (UAF). With this integration, Nok Nok Labs is essentially facilitating secure biometric user authentication on Android M devices via its S3 Authentication Suite.

And in further exciting news, the FIDO Alliance co-founder is releasing an update to its S3 Authentication Suite in the form of two new SDKs that will allow developers to more easily integrate the FIDO UAF protocol. This will apply to apps both on Android and iOS and will let devices to take advantage of FIDO authentication even if they don’t have a native FIDO stack – which means that 1.2 billion smartphones currently on the market could potentially become FIDO-enabled. And the S3 Authentication Suite has also just passed the latest FIDO Certified testing program, providing additional assurance that the technology is as robust as possible.

These represent significant steps forward for Nok Nok Labs, Google’s Android M, and many other concerned parties. They basically flip the ‘on’ switch for Android M’s fingerprint scanning functionality, with the new SDKs and certification ensuring that switch is turned up all the way. It paves the way for Android Pay to stride into the mPayment ring, and lets third-party developers and affiliate companies take advantage of this advanced security technology.