Nok Nok Labs Joins Forces With Trustronic, Aims To Improve Mobile Ecosystem Authentication

Even at their unique and byzantine best, passwords offer comparatively little protection for the amount of mental effort required to practice proper online security. Today it was announced that founding FIDO Alliance member Nok Nok Labs and Trustonic, a provider of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) for smart devices, will be collaborating in their common fight to put an end to passwords. The aim of stronger and easier authentication across the entire mobile ecosystem is one that both companies have been striving for, and together they intend to facilitate the easy development of security solutions that keep users safe and sane.

The collaboration will see Nok Nok Labs and Trustonic working to integrate the former’s NNL Multifactor Authentication Client with the later’s ‹t-base Trusted Execution Environment. The target ends is to allow developers enrolled in the Trustonic ‹t-base Trusted Execution Environment to build strong authentication into trusted apps with ease and simplicity.

“Our partnership with Nok Nok Labs addresses the common goal of improving the quality and user experience of on-device authentication,” says Trustonic CEO Ben Cade. “By combining Nok Nok Labs’ expertise in authentication with our TEE, our combined partner ecosystems will have access to simple yet powerful “out the box” authentication with protected input via keypad or fingerprint on a broad range of smart connected devices.”

Nok Nok Labs, meanwhile will now have the capability of having its own apps run in the ‹t-base environment, allowing hardware isolation for cryptography, trusted user interface for PIN protection, secure display of transaction data and also a fast processing environment for fingerprint recognition via low cost sensors.

Phillip Dunkelberger, president and CEO of Nok Nok Labs comments, “We’re delighted to partner with Trustonic in order to provide TEE support for authentication on smart connected devices. Our customers will be able to leverage hardware-based security in a range of different authentication scenarios. This increased level of security meets the business and risk requirements of online banking and payments amongst others.”

To underline the qualifications of the partners it is important to note that the NNL Multifactor Authentication Client is an integral part of the certification process used by the FIDO Alliance when evaluating if a new solution adheres to its specifications (just recently made public). Trustonic makes for a great fit in this regard. Its mission statement keeps simplicity in mind when it comes to any of its hardware integration projects, whether it be for mCommerce or workplace collaboration.

In the end, the two partners are well matched, and together with their combined resources and history of innovation, it shouldn’t be long before users start to reap the benefits of post-password paradigm Nok Nok Labs and Trustonic so brazenly herald.