Nok Nok Labs Offers Full Support for FIDO 1.0 Standards

final-fido-logo-yellowNok Nok Labs has announced full support for the FIDO 1.0 security standards. The security technology developer was a founding member of the FIDO Alliance and has been a key supporter of the nonprofit as it has worked to develop this first iteration of its security specifications.
Nok Nok Labs says it has developed a new version of its S3 Authentication Suite that supports the Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) standard, and it has updates its FIDO Ready solution for those customers already using it. Moreover, the company is releasing SDKs to help third-party developers meet FIDO specifications.
There are growing concerns about digital security as more and more consumers send sensitive data online – as in the case of mobile commerce, for example – and as the Internet of Things connects more and more devices. Adherence to high security standards such as those advocated by FIDO is therefore extremely important, and likely a big part of the reason Nok Nok Labs has been so successful in attracting investors with an eye to the future.