Nok Nok Labs Launches Upgraded S3 Authentication Suite

Nok Nok Labs Launches Upgraded S3 Authentication SuiteNok Nok Labs has announced an upgraded version of its S3 Authentication Suite. The FIDO Alliance co-founder‘s flagship platform is designed to provide organizations with FIDO Certified biometric authentication solutions compatible with a wide range of devices.

One important new feature is the use of fingerprint-based mobile authentication, allowing users of the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices, and other smartphones to replace their passwords with fingerprint scans for authentication on FIDO UAF-enabled mobile apps. Another major new feature is the S3 Authentication Suite’s enabling of out-of-band authentication, which lets users leverage the FIDO certified authentication capabilities of their mobile devices to authenticate activity on other devices via the same user credentials. Other features include policies designed to reduce the ‘friendly fraud’ that can arise through shared devices, and extended coverage of older and newer devices.

The improvements bring important enhancements to a platform already renowned for its sophisticated capabilities. Google embraced the NNL S3 Authentication Suite this summer when it integrated it into its Android M Developer Preview, while major Japanese telecom NTT DOCOMO adopted the S3 Authentication Suite to power the first FIDO certified authentication systems to be used in its handsets. Further high-profile integrations are sure to come as IT, electronics, and communications companies take note of the platform’s latest enhancements.