Nok Nok Labs Selected To Power Galaxy S5 mCommerce

“As usual with FIDO, all of this boils down to one thing: the death of the password.”

Samsung and PayPal have chosen Nok Nok Labs’ NNL S3 Authentication Suite to enable the mobile payment system that is featured on the new flagship smartphone: the Galaxy S5.

Unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fingerprint sensor that, thanks to support and collaboration with PayPal, can be used to offer exactly the kind of online payments via smartphone biometrics that the commercial industry has been trying to make possible for so long. With Nok Nok Labs providing its S3 Authentication Suite, the mCommerce solution becomes simpler, more secure and FIDO Ready.

This bolstered security coming from Nok Nok Labs is perfectly timed, considering that last week the Galaxy S5 was shown to be spoofable in a way similar to the iPhone 5S. Thanks to the Nok Nok Labs Multifactor Client (which powers a number of FIDO Ready solutions and is sometimes referred to as the NNL FingerPrint Passport), the Galaxy S5 sensor can connect securely to online services and users are able to to authenticate any FIDO Ready applications.

The NNL Multifactor Authentication Server, meanwhile, is providing a unified infrastructure to ease and streamline the communication between the Galaxy S5 sensor and the FingerPrint Passport.

As usual with FIDO, all of this boils down to one thing: the death of the password.

“Combining FIDO Ready authentication with the new biometric security feature on the Galaxy S5 means users will no longer need to type passwords or login details when they shop,” explains Hill Ferguson, chief product officer of PayPal. “Users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 can now benefit from a uniquely secure and seamless online, mobile and in-store shopping experience across the millions of merchants that accept our trusted PayPal service – this means that consumers don’t need to sacrifice convenience to increase security.”

“Web services such as PayPal can now seamlessly add support for new and innovative methods of authentication, while ensuring that aged or broken authenticators can be quickly removed from circulation,” adds Michael Barrett, executive director of the FIDO Alliance. “We congratulate Nok Nok Labs on being selected by Samsung and PayPal to provide the first FIDO Ready deployment that will enable a simple, more secure mobile shopping experience.”