Nok Nok Labs Teams with DDS to Expand into Japanese Market

Nok Nok LabsNok Nok Labs Teams with DDS to Expand into Japanese Market has announced a new strategic partnership with Japanese biometrics company DDS. The two will work together to promote the adoption of Nok Nok Labs’ S3 Authentication Suite in the Japanese market.

Nok Nok Labs says their efforts will target mobile network operators, device manufacturers, and online service providers, who could all benefit greatly from the FIDO Ready platform. And for its part, DDS brings not only a certain amount of credibility to the table as the first Japanese member of the FIDO Alliance, but already has a strong presence in the Japanese market.

In a statement, Nok Nok Labs CEO Phil Dunkelberger emphasized that the growing “need for a more secure, easy to use, scalable online authentication ecosystem is a global concern,” and asserted that the alliance with DDS “provides us with a strong partner in the Japanese market to meet the needs of the region and to drive the growth in the market for FIDO-based authentication.”

DDS CEO Kenji Miyoshino, meanwhile, pointed out that it’s big strategic win for his company too, noting Nok Nok Labs’ success in the US and other markets and predicting that the partnership “will help drive significant business opportunities in the Japanese market, helping to create a more secure environment on a global level.”

Indeed, Nok Nok Labs has had some major recent successes promoting its technology in other markets. Just last month, for example, the company secured a deal to integrate its S3 Authentication Suite into a major US healthcare company’s online portal for doctors; and it has also been busy teaming up with other technology companies to help enhance its own platform and expand its market presence. With this latest partnership, the company should be able to open up some valuable avenues in the Japanese market, both for itself and DDS.