Nomination Committee Re-Elects Precise Biometrics Leadership

Fingerprint BiometricsSwedish fingerprint biometrics solutions developer Precise Biometrics has announced that its board is going to stay put for the next year. The announcement comes in anticipation of the company’s annual general meeting on April 27th.

As decided by the Nomination Committee of Precise Biometrics AB, the current board members – Torbjörn Clementz, Anders Harrysson, Matts Lilja, Mats Lindoff and Eva Maria Matell, and Torgny Hellström – will all remain in their positions. And just like last year, Torgny Hellström will be Chairman of the board.

The decision appears to reflect confidence in the company’s leadership, and with good reason. Precise Biometrics has enjoyed a string of successes in recent months, having decided at the end of last summer to shift its focus to expanding its market presence in the growing fingerprint biometrics sector. That led the company to a major government contract in December, and another significant order last month from a South African insurance company. It makes sense to keep a steady hand on the wheel going forward.