Note 8 Renders Show S8-Influenced Design

Allegedly leaked renders of the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone depict a device with an extra-large display, a USB-C port, and, of course, an attached holster for its stylus.

Note 8 Renders Show S8-Influenced DesignThe renders indicate that, like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the device will have almost no bezel, and will sport an AMOLED screen with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio. Also like the Galaxy S8, the device’s fingerprint scanner will be on its backside to make room for the big screen.

The renders do not clearly indicate whether the device will support iris recognition, but it’s a fair bet the feature will be in place. Last year’s aborted Note7, which ultimately saw a total recall due to safety concerns, was meant to pioneer the iris scanning that was later supported on this year’s Galaxy S8 devices, and Samsung has indicated that it plans to make iris recognition a key focus for its payments ecosystem going forward.

Of course, the providence and legitimacy of the renders isn’t clear, with AndroidHeadlines reporting only that they come from an “industry insider”, so any speculation they prompt should be taken with a grain of salt.

Sources: AndroidHeadlines, SlashLeaks