Huawei Notebook Features Goodix Fingerprint Sensor in Power Button

A new notebook from Huawei is using a Goodix fingerprint sensor for user authentication.

Huawei Notebook Features Goodix Fingerprint Sensor in Power ButtonThe Matebook X was launched today in Berlin, and runs on Windows 10, featuring the Windows Hello biometric security system. To leverage that security software, the device has a Goodix fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button. In a statement announcing the integration, Goodix called the device “the first Windows Notebook equipped with the ‘One Step Power-On and Login’ function.”

The news comes in the same week that Fingerprint Cards announced that its own fingerprint sensor technology is being used in Huawei’s Matebook E, a convertible tablet, suggesting that the consumer electronics OEM is fully embracing biometric security – and namely that of Windows Hello – in its new computer devices.

For Goodix, the integration offers the opportunity to raise its profile as a provider of fingerprint sensor solutions for consumer electronics, which could prove especially important in its promotion of the in-display fingerprint sensor technology it announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress.