NOW Money’s Mobile Wallet Gets Facial, Behavioral Biometric Authentication

UAE-based NOW Money is bringing biometric authentication to its customers with the help of AimBrain, a UK-based startup. The latter’s SaaS-based facial and behavioral biometrics platform has been integrated into NOW’s mobile wallet and remittance app.NOW Money's Mobile Wallet Gets Facial, Behavioral Biometric Authentication

AimBrain’s system uses behavioral biometrics pertaining to how users interact with their devices as a baseline, passive mode of authentication, and then builds upon that security with facial recognition via the device’s built-in camera. Voice-based authentication is also an option, but NOW Money is evidently opting for the behavioral and facial modalities for the time being.

NOW Money says its aim is to foster financial inclusion for the UAE’s many low-income migrant workers, with NOW COO Oliver Baillie asserting that AimBrain’s technology “is a key part” of that proposition.

The integration comes at a time of growing excitement about mobile biometrics, with major financial services companies like Mastercard exploring facial recognition, and the emerging behavioral modality being explored by the likes of Google.

November 17, 2016 – by Alex Perala