Nuance Speech Recognition Records Patient Stories for EHRs

Nuance Speech Recognition Records Patient Stories for EHRsPhysicians are responding to Nuance Communications’ clinical speech recognition technology. The Nuance Dragon Medical cloud-based solutions have now been used to record over 100 million patient stories, the company has announced.

Essentially, Nuance’s technology allows physicians to record their patients’ self-described health information via speech recognition – a need that is rising as doctors are pressured to comprehensively document patient stories for their electronic health records (EHRs). So far, Nuance Dragon Medical Direct has been implemented in 16 health facilities across America, and the company reports that voluntary adoption rates have ranged between 60 and 90 percent from hospital to hospital in the few weeks that the system has been available. Meanwhile, the number of mobile and web apps featuring Nuance Dragon Medical cloud-based solutions has grown 30 percent each month since the start of the year, Nuance says.

It’s no huge surprise to see Nuance’s technology on the rise in the healthcare sector, given the company’s expertise in speech and voice recognition as demonstrated in other deployments. The company has helped to introduce passive authentication via voice recognition to Canada through Manulife Financial and its call center system, and Nuance’s Dragon line has also extended to automotive applications in the form of its Dragon Drive user identification system. Nuance technology has even found its way into the wearables market, offering voice command to Pebble smartwatch users.