Nuance and Red Box Team on Comprehensive Voice Services for Enterprise

Nuance and Red Box Team on Comprehensive Voice Services for Enterprise

Nuance Communications has partnered with Red Box to offer a more comprehensive set of voice-based services to enterprise level clients. The new solution will combine Nuance’s Transcription Engine and voice biometrics with Red Box’s conversational capture tech.

Together, the integrated products will make it easier for organizations to turn casual conversations into actionable, analyzable data. Companies can then use that information to improve customer service, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance with regulatory programs like GDPR. The transcribed conversations can also be used internally to develop better AI.

“By combining [Red Box’s] capability to capture conversations across an organization with Nuance’s transcription service, we can turn unstructured data into structured data sets for brands to leverage,” said Keith McConaghy, Nuance’s Director of Channel Sales.

Nuance’s Transcription Engine is able to transcribe conversations in 14 different languages and 28 distinct dialects. It offers accurate, fast, and ‘warp’ modes to meet the demands of clients with different accuracy needs and hardware capabilities.  

The partnership with Red Box builds on the recent successes of Nuance’s enterprise division. The company has repeatedly emphasized the efficiency benefits of automated tools like its transcription platform, and has boasted that its solutions had saved clients more than $1 billion in 2018. Its latest alliance is expected to yield similar benefits for Red Box customers.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)