Nuance Tech Teaching ROOBO’s Robots to Speak

Beijing-based robotics developer ROOBO is bringing Nuance Communications’ voice and speech recognition technologies to its new devices.

Nuance Tech Teaching ROOBO's Robots to SpeakThe technology is being incorporated via Nuance Mix NLU, Nuance’s developer platform, and has already been integrated into the Domgy and Pudding consumer robots recently launched by ROOBO, allowing the devices to listen and respond to users. According to Nuance, the technology even enables its AI systems to expand their vocabularies via deep learning.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, ROOBO President Fangming Yin lauded the Nuance technology, saying it “brings our robots to life with the ability to listen, understand, speak and deliver outcomes that keep people entertained, informed, productive and delighted.”

The robotics applications of Nuance’s technology are a short step up from the AI assistant applications that have already begun to emerge. And with Nuance having just acquired voice biometrics specialist Agnitio, it’s poised to refine its technology even further.

For now, though, ROOBO will showcase its current robot deployments at the China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzen.