Nuance Security Suite Leverages Voice, Face, and Behavioral Biometrics

Nuance Communications has now officially expanded beyond the voice biometrics domain that has been the company’s specialty with the announcement of a new multimodal platform called Nuance Security Suite.Nuance Security Suite Leverages Voice, Face, and Behavioral Biometrics

While voice recognition still plays an important role, the platform also incorporates the behavioral biometrics technology provided to Nuance through its recent partnership with BioCatch. That means the system can assess patterns relating to how end users interact with their devices – tapping, clicking, scrolling, and so on – to scan for potential fraud threats.

The platform also allows for facial recognition, expanding Nuance’s use of the technology from its initial foray with its upgraded AI assistant platform at the end of last year. That means end users can authenticate simply by taking a selfie photo using their mobile devices.

The platform arrives at a time of growing interest in multimodal authentication. In a statement announcing Nuance Security Suite, Nuance Biometric Security Product Strategy Director Brett Beranek asserted that the company’s technology has already been used in “more than one billion successful voice authentications”, and that “[b]y adding facial and behavioral biometrics to our portfolio, we are delivering more options for our enterprise customers, more convenience for their customers, and more protection for everyone.”


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)