NuData Security Wins ‘Leader in Innovation in Identity Proofing Platform Award’

NuData Security has won the Leader in Innovation in Identity Proofing Platform Award in Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2017 Identity Proofing Platform Awards.

NuData Security Wins Leader in Innovation in Identity Proofing Platform AwardThe awards are split into three strands – Functional, Innovative, and Tailored – with the three Leaders and multiple Contenders, Followers, and Laggards named in each category. In the Innovative category, NuData joins fellow winners ThreatMetrix and TransUnion.

The company won, of course, for its NuDetect behavioral biometrics platform, which assesses patterns in how users interact with their devices as well as their online behaviors to assess whether they are legitimate end users or may represent fraud threats. The solution has previously won industry accolades, and its promise was validated in a big way earlier this year when Mastercard announced it would acquire NuData and integrate NuDetect into its security solutions portfolio.

In a statement announcing this latest award, Javelin Strategy & Research Head of Fraud & Security Al Pascual commented that the “traditional approach to identity verification” based on passwords and PINs “is wholly insufficient to the challenges of today’s vulnerable digital world,” adding that NuData “has emerged as a leader in innovation, which is really a critical element in a space where the threats are evolving so rapidly.”

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)