Nymi Band Integrated Into BioConnect

Bionym NymiEntertech Systems and Nymi have banded together to develop a new kind of biometric access control system. Nymi’s cardiac-based authentication wristband has essentially been integrated into Entertech’s BioConnect access control platform, allowing authorized personnel to access protected areas with the flick of a wrist.

Nymi’s signature product, the Nymi Band, uses the company’s HeartID biometric system to identify the wearer via their personal cardiac rhythm as detected through the pulse measured through the wearer’s wrist. This enables constant, passive user authentication. But the Nymi Band is also equipped with NFC technology, allowing users to access secure areas by tapping the band against a BioConnect-enabled Suprema reader.

The two companies are launching a series of pilot projects to test the system this fall in collaboration with existing BioConnect customers in a range of industries including data management and social networking. These customers will already be familiar with biometric authentication via the facial recognition and fingerprint scanning capabilities of the BioConnect platform, and will likely see the value proposition of Nymi’s ECG biometrics. Taking things a step further, the pilots will also see the introduction of Nymi Lock Control, an app that brings biometric access control to users’ Windows or Mac computers, effectively replacing the password.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)