Nymi Band Has Profound Implications in Lab Environments

In a new blog post, Nymi is highlighting the business and industrial applications of its Nymi Band.

Nymi Band Has Profound Implications in Lab EnvironmentsThe wristband device is designed to offer continuous authentication through cardiac biometrics, measuring the wearer’s pulse and using its unique rhythmic patterns for identification. Through a collaboration with Microsoft, Nymi has enabled such authentication for unlocking Windows 10 PCs; all the user needs to do is double-tap the Nymi Band while standing or sitting close to the computer in order to unlock it. When the user walks away, the device can detect that the Nymi Band is no longer present, and locks automatically.

In lab environments in which workers need to authenticate as often as a hundred times per shift, the implications become even more profound, with the Nymi Band offering constant, continuous authentication and improving productivity by eliminating the need to enter passwords or write signatures.

The company is now inviting interested organizations to deploy the Nymi Band by getting in touch through its website.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)