New CEO Says Nymi Band ‘Will Change Security Forever’

New CEO Says Nymi Band 'Will Change Security Forever'Cardiac biometrics developer Nymi has found a new CEO. John Haggard, a veteran of the IT security and authentication industry, will now lead the company as founder Karl Martin transitions to the role of CTO.

Nymi is, of course, the company behind the Nymi Band, a wristband that measures cardiac biometrics for constant, passive user authentication. Haggard’s role will be to market the device to the enterprise sector – a job in which he should excel, given his experience as Chief Business Officer at Yubico, developer of the renowned YubiKey U2F security key. In a press release, the company also noted that Haggard is “an active member of the FIDO Alliance”, which should allow for a certain degree of influence in getting the attention of a number of companies seeking advanced biometric security and authentication solutions.

Speaking on his appointment, John Haggard asserted that Nymi “will change security forever,” adding that he’s looking forward “to bringing Nymi further into the forefront of enterprise solutions for privileged access and secure payments.” He may have a leg up in the endeavour, as the Nymi Band is already being explored as an authentication solution by a major British bank.

The company has also appointed a new member to its Board of Directors: Ram Varadarajan, a former SVP of identity management solutions provider CA Technologies.