Nymi Announces Early Access Program For Biometric Wearable

Nymi has discontinued its Nymi Band Developer Kit and replaced it with the Early Access Program (EAP) for its device’s commercial release.

Nymi Band Available In Early Access

image via Nymi

The company’s wristband wearable device is designed to measure a user’s cardiac biometrics for authentication, since those pulse patterns can offer a profile unique to each user. The company has advertised the product’s applications in access control and financial services, where it offers a mode of passive authentication for users.

Now, after two years of field testing via Nymi’s developer kits, the EAP is meant to usher the device into the commercial market. The company has also announced new hardware that lets the system authentication without any third party apps or devices, improves operational performance, and adds NFC support.

The Nymi Band’s commercial promotion should get a boost from its Windows 10 support, with Microsoft’s operating system now allowing users to unlock their devices via an app that is currently in beta testing. Nymi says the wristband can also be used as a fitness tracker with Apple Health and Google Fit.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)