New ZUK Smartphone Features FPC Sensor

Lenovo’s new ZUK smartphone brand has a new device on the market, and it once again features a Fingerprint Cards sensor and Precise Biometrics algorithm software. Called the ZUK Z2 Pro, it has an FPC1155 sensor running on Precise BioMatch Mobile.

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) LogoIt’s the same setup used in the company’s previous, debut device, the Z1. But according to The Verge, the Z2 Pro is a superior device worthy of its flagship status, and even features an additional biometric capability in the form of a heartbeat sensor.

For FPC and Precise Biometrics, it’s the latest in a strong run of recent integrations. The companies have also announced integrations in mobile devices from ZTE and ivvi in the last couple of weeks alone. And given how much business the companies seem to be getting from repeat customers like ZUK, it seems likely they will continue to maintain their leading positions in the mobile biometrics market for some time.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)