Olea Sensor Networks to Show Off Cardiac Biometrics Products at CES

Olea Sensor Networks to Show Off Cardiac Biometrics Products at CESSensor and analytics solutions developer Olea Sensor Networks is planning to show off its latest offerings at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, the company has announced. In particular, the company will be showcasing its OS-3005, OS-3008, and OleaVision Life Presence solutions.

They’re innovative offerings. The OS-3005 is a small, card-sized cardiac sensor designed to be embedded in seat belts, and able to monitor the wearer’s cardiac data even without skin contact. The OS-3008 essentially takes that concept and turns it into a mobile, wearable device, a small product that can be slipped into the breast pocket of a shirt or even on the back of a car seat to enable cardiac biometric monitoring.

Meanwhile, OleaVision Life Presence is a system that can detect whether a living thing is present in a given setting. It can be adapted for automotive applications to detect when infants or pets have been left in a car, or in an industrial setting to ensure worker safety, offering a five-meter range.

The company plans to show off these products in private demos between January 5th and 9th, with appointments available to interested parties.