Olea Device Enables Contactless Monitoring of Cardiac Biometrics

Medical background - Grunge styleOlea Sensor Networks has announced a new biometric device for health monitoring. Called the OS-3008, the product works in conjunction with OleaSense software analytics to track users’ vital signs.

The company says its device measures smaller than a business card, and it’s able to track biometric data related to cardiac and respiratory measures without even touching the user’s body. That means it can do its work embedded in the back of a car seat, or from a shirt pocket, or in any number of other situations allowing it to be within close range of the user. Its data is transmitted via Bluetooth, furthering enhancing its wireless capabilities.

Discussing the new device in a press release, Olea CEO Frank Morese also pointed out that it’s HIPAA compliant, and called it “an advanced sensing technology capable of unprecedented reliability and accuracy.”

The new device appears to reflect further development upon the design of the OS-3005, another business card-sized sensor device Olea designed for embedment into vehicular seat belts. And both devices appear to have built upon the technological basis demonstrated this past summer in Olea’s HeartSignature system, which used a smartphone-sized device to collect biometric data from users for continuous authentication. As Olea continues to refine its technology, it seems likely that the company will continue to explore contactless, compact biometric devices going forward.