Samsung Launches Olympics Edition of Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung has launched a special version of its Galaxy S7 edge for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Samsung Launches Olympics Edition of Galaxy S7 edge

(image via Samsung)

The Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition is essentially a Galaxy S7 with the Olympic rings logo emblazoned on the back, with a digital version of the logo appearing in various aspects of the smartphone’s user interface. The devices will also come with pre-loaded Olympic wallpaper backgrounds. Samsung is delivering 12,500 of the devices to this year’s Olympians, and will also offer a limited run to consumers in Brazil, the US, China, Germany, and Korea.

Extending the promotional partnership even further, Samsung also developed the Rio 2016 App in collaboration with the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, and an Olympic Athletes’ Hub app that will come pre-loaded on the new devices distributed to this year’s Olympic competitors. And the company will be showing off its new VR technology and distributing Olympic Games pins at its ‘Galaxy Studios’ in the Olympic Park and in other locations in Brazil.

It’s a big promotional push, and could help to leverage Olympics mania into more sales for Samsung’s flagship smartphone as it continues to compete against Apple’s iPhone devices for the top spot in the smartphone market.