OnePlus 6 to Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor: Report

OnePlus 6 to Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor: ReportOnePlus’s next flagship smartphone will launch early next year and feature an in-display fingerprint sensor, according to a new report from GizmoChina.

Citing a reliable source, the report asserts that the OnePlus 6 could see a March launch, and will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Together with its purported in-display fingerprint sensor, that’s pretty much all the detailed information available at this point, but GizmoChina asserts that its source has a good track record and that it’s “pretty confident” this latest information “is also solid.”

The smartphone maker has recently shown an interest in changing things up with respect to its biometric technology. Last month, it launched a new version of its OnePlus 5 device that complemented its rear-mounted fingerprint sensor with built-in facial recognition – likely in response to the big splash Apple made with the Face ID face scanning system of its iPhone X – and with the latest reports that Vivo is likely to be the first smartphone maker to launch a device with an in-display fingerprint sensor near the start of 2018, OnePlus is likely eager to seek a competitive position on this front, too.

It also has relationships with two of the suppliers that have pioneered in-display fingerprint sensor technology. Qualcomm, which is reportedly providing the OnePlus 6’s processor, said earlier this year that it would have in-display sensor technology ready for OEMs in Q4; and Fingerprint Cards, which has provided OnePlus with fingerprint sensor technology, recently announced it had developed its own in-display technology, as well. Of course, it’s not yet a certainty that the OnePlus 6 will have an in-display sensor at all, so speculation about who is providing it can probably be put on hold for now.

Source: GizmoChina