OpenT2T Could Help Make Windows an IoT Hub

The Windows Apps Team is sharing its enthusiasm for a new communication system for the Internet of Things. Called OpenT2T, it’s discussed in a new blog post on the team’s website.

OpenT2T Could Help Make Windows an IoT HubOpenT2T is an open source project announced at the Build developer conference. It stands for “Open Translators to Things”, and is designed to facilitate communication between apps and the devices and sensors connected to them—a critical issue, given that connected ‘Things’ are often running on multiple different communication protocols. OpenT2T is able to leverage the AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn open source software, as well as Windows IoT Remote Client, which is designed to use a Windows 10 device (such as a smartphone) as an interface for a connected device via a Universal Windows Platform app.

In other words, OpenT2T offers developers the tools they need to connect Windows 10 apps to devices, fostering connections in the emerging Internet of Things. It’s the latest step in Microsoft’s effort to make Windows a central platform of the IoT, and if it proves popular among developers and device makers, it could be a big one.