OPPO F1 Plus Features FPC1245 Fingerprint Sensor

OPPO has opted for Fingerprint Cards biometric technology once again in its newest smartphone. Called the OPPO F1 Plus, the device integrates an FPC1245 fingerprint sensor.

OPPO F1 PlusIt’s the same sensor used in OPPO’s other recent devices, the R9 and R9+, suggesting that the company is pleased with FPC’s sensor model. Indeed, OPPO has been familiar with FPC’s technology for some time, with its R7 Plus smartphone, launched last summer, having featured an FPC1025 sensor.

The continued integrations via a fast-paced, iterative release schedule bode well for FPC, which has similar ongoing partnerships with multiple other smartphone OEMs. It’s also a positive sign for the mobile biometrics market in general, which has experienced strong growth over the last couple of years and appears to be continuing its momentum as more smartphone makers integrate biometric authentication technologies into even more of their products.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)